Who We Are

ATI is a US Corporation with over 22 years of SAP experience
and over 30 years of Real World International Business Experience.

  • ATI is a SAP Partner, SAP-GTS Council Member, ASUG Member, ICPA Service Associate, and AAEI Strategic Champion Partner.
  • ATI is a full SAP ECC, GTS, and GRC Functional and Technical Service Provider.
  • ATI is Pro-Client, delivering full knowledge transfer and client independence
  • All work by ATI is done in the USA
  • ATI specializes with ECC/GTS Non-SAP systems
  • ATI is the only SAP Emergency Service Provider: delivering Project Recovery, Production Support realignment, Ad-Hoc Fixes, and Innovative Solutions
  • All team members are experienced and well versed in SAP
  • Our employees come from a diversity of industries
  • ATI trains and holds all its employees to the highest industry and policy standards
  • ATI employees are vetted and back ground checked
  • ATI actively prioritizes employing U.S. citizens and veterans

What We Do

Whether implementing for the first time (initiation), an enhancement, an upgrade, or companywide ECC-GTS-GRC deployment, under ATI’s guidance, clients have witnessed:

  • Increased system stability
  • Increased system functionality
  • Increased system performance
  • Increased reliability for solutions
  • Increased business process understanding
  • Increased user proficiency
  • Increased user acceptance
  • Overall increased company benefits
  • Minimization of ERP Disruption
  • Minimization of delays associated with project management
  • Minimal to zero production support
  • Minimal to zero issues
  • Reduced unnecessary expenses
  • Reduced resource allocation
  • Reduced Time
  • Reduced Cost

Why is ATI the Best Choice?

  • 100% Success, 0% Failures
  • Real Capability for Project Fulfillment
  • Best Economical Choice for Budgets
  • Every Project On-Time or Before-Time
  • Expedited Issue Resolution
  • Minimal Development
  • Comprehension of Industry Nuisances (Client Specific)
  • Discernment of Technological Restraints and System Limitations
  • Adept Perception of Business and Financial Infrastructures
  • Profound Understating of Global Operations
  • Preemptive Strategies
  • Innovative Solutions

Our Experience

Over 30 years of Strategic Business Development experience with emphasis on international trade, global logistics, and compliance.

Over 20 years of extensive SAP experience specializing in ECC, GTS, and GRC.

Our Ethos



  • ATI is an independent service provider
  • ATI provides unbiased third party analysis


  • Honest, forthright, and necessarily critical
  • Informed and pragmatic decisions


  • Invest time to understand Client Specific business and needs
  • Invest time to know people and their contribution
  • Invest time to find right strategies and solutions for the client


  • Real world global trade
  • Real capabilities of business and system


  • Technical understanding
  • Functional expertise
  • Operational model, Business structures, Legal entities


  • Employment of logical analysis, methodologies, and testing
  • Systematical approaches designed to minimize time, cost, and risk


  • Full lifecycle GTS services, with hands-on implementation
  • Pro-client
  • Client satisfaction and welfare first and only


  • Full disclosure and knowledge transfer
  • Full documentation of processes and reasons for each decision


  • GTS work shall not be done by third-party
  • GTS work shall not be done off-shore
  • All GTS work is done in the USA

Your company solution.