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Managing Cross-Border Supply Chain Logistics with SAP GTS
Are you managing your cross-border supply chain logistics as efficiently as possible? If you have high volumes of international trade and are not currently employing an ERP system like SAP and itsGlobal Trade Services (GTS) module, the answer is no. If you’ve already implemented SAP GTS, the answer might still be no.
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SAP GRC functionality offers business process automation benefits
Business Process Automation Benefits: Increase Employee Efficiency with SAP GRC
An increasingly connected world, by necessity, has become an increasingly regulated business world. Monitoring, interpreting, and implementing complex sets of regulations places ever-greater demands upon employees with security, compliance, and international trade responsibilities. As a result, organizations are aggressively looking for methods to automate as many compliance processes as possible.
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comparing large v small ERP vendors
3 Key Steps to Mitigate ERP Implementation Risks
Most of the steps that a company can take to reduce ERP implementation risks do not actually revolve around the technical details of the project. When you enlist the help of an experienced and highly skilled partner, you will find the technical side of an ERP implementation easily covered. As a business, you are best served by focusing on these three steps to proactively mitigate ERP implementation risks.
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