Tackle Your Governance, Risk, and Compliance Challenges with the Experience and Expertise of Aurum Terra

Attaining and maintaining compliance in the current business environment is a challenge for any size organization. Successfully navigating the maze of regulations and applying them to your business practices require both the latest ERP GRC capabilities and the know-how to properly implement them throughout your organization.

An experienced SAP partner like Aurum Terra understands that success comes from:

A thorough understanding of your compliance needs, including any industry-specific interpretations of regulations;

Technical and functional mastery of GRC functionalities and the ability to strategically integrate them into your current business processes; and

A proven implementation methodology that anticipates and mitigates any possible obstacles throughout your project.

Aurum Terra’s dominant focus on GRC and years of experience eliminate the inherent risk in your implementation project, and we can prove it. We have a 100% success rate in delivering compliance solutions on-time and error-free for our clients.

Select the Most Effective SAP GRC Functionalities for Your Organization

Aurum Terra is an SAP vendor

SAP’s automated and integrated governance, risk, and compliance solutions leverage your existing ERP foundation and enable you to efficiently manage the ever-growing operational and financial responsibilities imposed by local, state, federal, and industry regulations. Through SAP GRC module integration with an existing ERP system, organizations achieve better control and reduce operational costs associated with key compliance activities. Organizations can select one or all of the following modules to meet their compliance needs.

Security/Access Control Management

  • Monitor and control user access to data, files, processes, and systems—on-premise or in the cloud—throughout your enterprise.
  • Configure access policies and rules and automate user provisioning with self-service access requests.
  • Dynamically adjust user access in response to business climate, regulatory changes, or identification of potential risk.
  • Incorporate preventative policy checks in business processes and automatically detect, remediate, and prevent access risk violations.
  • Continually monitor and validate access to applications and data to ensure compliance.

Global Trade Management

  • Automate time-consuming and repetitive manual tasks associated with global trade management and compliance.
  • Screen trading partners per sanctioned party list (SPL) to ensure compliance, reduce the risk of sanctions, and quickly clear customs.
  • Accelerate cross-border supply chain and validate all orders per current compliance regulations to reduce the risk of penalties.
  • Establish real-time compliance checks and controls via integration with order and shipment processes.
  • Comply with customs requirements such as foreign trade zones, bonded warehousing, and customs control processing.

Enterprise Risk Management

  • Develop and manage your enterprise risk strategy.
  • Identify financial, IT, vendor, and operational risk indicators.
  • Analyze, assess, and monitor potential impact on business performance and company reputation.
  • Develop contingency plans and mitigation strategies.

Audit Management

  • Plan, manage, and conduct compliance and risk audits.
  • Automate the audit process with standardized reports and easily compile supporting documentation and communications.
  • Monitor and audit temporary or emergency access requests and usage.
  • Use real-time analytics to identify potential risks.

Process Control Management

  • Manage complete regulatory policy lifecycles and compliance procedures, including anti-bribery, financial, IT controls, and industry-specific requirements.
  • Implement automated, integrated control of critical processes.
  • Monitor and provide real-time insight into internal control processes, including high volume transactions.
  • Identify, prioritize, and focus resources on key business process to mitigate risks.

Fraud Management

  • Employ analytics to identify anomalous activities and uncover potential fraud patterns.
  • Analyze large data volumes to detect and prevent fraud and errors.
  • Provide alerts for exception scenarios such as employee theft, unauthorized transactions, or warranty fraud.
  • Analyze exception scenarios to determine effective deterrent strategies.
  • Avoid business with high-risk or sanctioned parties.
  • Streamline fraud investigation and documentation process.

Based on a detailed analysis of your compliance needs and identification of regulations that govern your business, Aurum Terra can recommend the appropriate GRC functionalities and design the solution to meet those needs. We have in-depth, hands-on experience with each of these functionalities, and our employees boast a wide range of industry and line-of-business expertise. We know the capabilities (and idiosyncrasies) of these GRC modules and how to properly integrate them with your ERP system. Throughout the project you can expect great communication, attention to detail, and a constant focus on making the best decisions to deliver a solution tailored to your unique business requirements.


Partner with Aurum Terra for Long-Term Success

SAP GRC delivers powerful capabilities to organizations that want to reduce costs and proactively avoid regulatory fines and sanctions through automated compliance processes. The fastest and most cost-effective means to achieve these goals is by working with an SAP partner who offers a wealth of GRC implementation expertise and experience. In comparison to SAP partners who are “all things to all people,” a partner with a particular GRC focus delivers value throughout and well beyond the implementation project.

Aurum Terra is an SAP partner who excels in delivering GRC solutions on-time and with zero defects. More than 20 years of SAP experience, carefully vetted employees with proven technical and business skills, and hundreds of error-free implementations ensure success for your project.

Our GRC-Focused Approach:

Technical, business, and industry knowledge to assess your challenges and deliver the compliance solution specifically tailored and integrated for your needs.

We bring a small team of experienced and certified employees dedicated to doing the right thing in every aspect of working with you. Our employees thoroughly understand the needs and operations of each GRC functionality and the role they play in helping an organization maintain regulatory compliance.

We understand the nuances of GRC use cases across many industries, including automotive, banking, chemical and petroleum, communications, finance, government, insurance, manufacturing, oil and gas, pharmaceutical, retail, and transportation. We leverage our knowledge and experience for your benefit.

Big-picture perspective. We understand the macro-micro-world of business and recognize that every client has unique compliance requirements.

We listen to your needs, learn about your business, and conduct a requirements-gathering process based on a detailed analysis. Our systemic approach identifies dependent and independent variables, discovers unknown factors in advance, and ascertains importance and priority. Every client is unique, so we make no assumptions. We step back, do a reality check, assess the environment, and present a carefully-crafted solution to help you achieve your compliance goals. Whenever possible, we’ll advise you of new methods, procedures, or best practices to make your compliance activities as efficient as possible.

Client training and independence to confidently meet compliance requirements going forward.

We’re extremely proud of the long-term business relationships we establish with clients and the multitude of references they’ve given us—the result of successful implementations and our goal of client self-sufficiency. We encourage users to test and try to break the system prior to final project sign off. This practice is key to our zero-defect delivery success.

We also promote independence through complete knowledge transfer. We provide detailed documentation regarding the compliance policies, procedures, and processes that have been implemented and invest in training your administrators and users. We want you to be completely confident in your ability to comply with regulations.

Choose the SAP Partner Who Understands You and GRC

Aurum Terra, Inc. is an SAP Partner and ASUG Member with more than 20 years of implementation experience and a special focus on SAP GRC. If you are considering SAP GRC, or are struggling with a poor prior implementation, contact us today to discuss your specific needs. You will appreciate our honest, transparent, and straightforward approach, and our record of 100% successful implementations.